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What better gift can you possibly give than a chess set? Chess sets encourage children to think analytically and creatively. Chess sets are also great for solidifying friendships. You will spend many fun filled hours checkmating each other. Not only do they make great gifts, but chess sets are exquisite decorative pieces that will add accent any room.

Here at Avler, we provide two high-quality glass chess sets that have our seal of approval. These chess sets combine great value with high quality. These sets prove that a great chess set does not need to be expensive in order to be good.

Premier Edition Glass Chess Set
Introducing the Premier Edition glass chess set by Cardinal. This chess set features complete sets of both clear glass and frosted glass chess pieces . Each beautifully shaped piece was precision cast from a hand sculpted mold and delicately reflects light off each of its flawless surfaces. The polished 14"x14" chess board has alternating clear and frosted squares. Felt lines the bottom of each piece. A fully functional chess set that will add class to any room!

Original price: $49.95
Avler discount:
$25.00 (50%)
Avler's Low Price: (supply limited!)
$ 24.95 + Free Shipping!

10x10 Glass Chess Set
This glass chess set measures 10"x10". Like the Premier Edition, it features high quality glass pieces cast from hand sculpted molds. The white pieces are an icy like glass, while the black pieces have gone through a snowy frosting process. But unlike real snow and ice, this chess set won't melt and it looks great in front of a fireplace! The board is made of clear glass. A great gift for any chess enthusiast! Learn how to get this chess set free

Original price: $34.95
Avler discount:
$21.00 (60%)
Avler's Low Price:
$ 13.95 + Free Shipping!

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