Date: 31 May 2007 18:24:53
Subject: How can anyone trust with Bogner in charge?
He lied and got caught by Gregory Alexander. He tried to extort money
from ICC. He released confidential information and private messages to
harm the scholastic people in Illinois. How can we trust that he won't
use our personal data against us? How can we be sure that he won't
abuse our personal information for monetary gain after what he did
with ICC?

Date: 31 May 2007 18:57:17
Subject: Re: How can anyone trust with Bogner in charge?
We've seen Hal cross a line like this before, so why act surprised?

I agree -- this isn't the sort of person I want on the USCF payroll or
to be paid from my membership dues. Let him go work for somebody else.


Did Bill Hall give you explicit permission to access the private forum
areas? If so, did he state for how long? You have had been parading
our information for at least a month now. Did he give you
authorization to release all kinds of other data publicly as well,
such as every moderator name in public? How are you accessing the
private forums, are you using another FOC members, or Bill Hall's
account? If not, did you program your own back-door method to get to
the databases? What exactly did he authorize you to do Hal?

Oh yea, one more question: was it you who gave the contents of a PM
sent to the FOC to Brian so he could use it to serve some of the FOC
members legal papers?

Hal, what other confidential information do you have?

This scares the heck out of me personally...
Gregory Alexander

Date: 31 May 2007 18:55:51
Subject: Re: How can anyone trust with Bogner in charge?
What exactly is in this post from Louis?

>From HMB
Furthermore, your private records contain many statements that would
be embarrassing to various members to reveal, and would be shocking to
the members to see; however, the insistence by several of you to
mislead people about matters surrounding the Lafferty sanctions and my
activities may eventually lead to forum members seeing all of this so
they can judge for themselves. Both publicly and privately, several of
you are not doing yourselves proud.

I would respectfully request of the USCF that it revoke all Hal's
access to USCF data. It would be appropriate to cancel any contract
Hal would hold with the USCF.

This looks like blackmail to use a common term. We can't have a man
willing to do this having access to confidential data that I believe
is protected by the privacy act.

Why was Louis's post deleted?

Hal has routinely printed the detail of PMs. What goes around comes
k Nibbelin