Date: 28 Apr 2007 11:10:51
From: samsloan
Subject: Sam's Grand Plan for Chess Life
[quote="ICC-TD Duncan"][color=darkred]I have about 12 or 15 years of
chess life in a big box.

I just moved and I guesstimate it weighed between 50 - 100 lbs.

I have back problems and could not lift it although I used to be able
to lift that much with ease.

Sam if you want them find out how much is costs to ship that much
weight, add 15 bucks for my trouble and send it to me. I'll get it in
the mail the next day after I get enough for postage.

I am saddened by your political stuff these days but it seems like
this is a legit project that will benefit chess in the USA so what the
heck I'll help.

When you do non-political writings they are excellent. I just wish you
didn't need to act like... well nevermind. Call me if you want those
mags. [/color][/quote]
Thank you but I just yesterday received in the mail two huge boxes of
Chess Life magazines sent to me by a life member. He sent me 244
magazines in all. He sent me all issues from 1976 through 1995 except
for a few missing issues, plus all of 1973.

I have wanted these magazines for two reasons: To get old rating lists
for a book I am writing and to get columns written by a certain Chess
Life columnist who wants me to publish a book of his old columns.

I have been going through the old magazines. I found rating lists in
December, 1976, December, 1978, and January 1980. For some years I
could not find a rating list, even though I had all the issues.

If you have 1974 and 1975 or anything prior to 1973 I could use that.
For the rest of the years I have enough.

I am surprised by your rek that you are "saddened by [my] political
stuff these days". You simply do not know the situation. The situation
is that we are at rock bottom in the USCF. Things have never been
worse and are going further downhill fast. And, I cannot post the true
situation on the USCF Forums because my posting will be deleted and I
will be suspended again.

Sam Sloan

Date: 29 Apr 2007 02:47:48
From: samsloan
Subject: Re: Sam's Grand Plan for Chess Life
On Apr 28, 2:29 pm, Paul Rubin <http://[email protected] > wrote:
> I too have a grand plan for Chess Life, but you already know what it is.

For those of you who do not know, Paul Rubin wants to stop the print
publication of Chess Life magazine and convert it to an e-zine.

He also wants to reduce USCF dues to a maximum of $5.

Paul Rubin is not a current member of the USCF.

Sam Sloan

Date: 28 Apr 2007 11:29:29
From: Paul Rubin
Subject: Re: Sam's Grand Plan for Chess Life
I too have a grand plan for Chess Life, but you already know what it is.

Date: 29 Apr 2007 01:54:04
Subject: Paul Rubin, please stop spamming

Please stop flooding with political posts
that have nothing to do with computer chess.

If your excuse is that you simply replied to a post that was in, that's no excuse. You and only you are
responsable for where you post.

Date: 28 Apr 2007 11:13:52
From: samsloan
Subject: Re: Sam's Grand Plan for Chess Life
[quote="Randy Bauer"]Sam, did you miss the point in time where the
USCF was not going to be able to make payroll? As I recall, it was
only through the good graces of people like Bill Goichberg and the
leadership of the New Jersey state affiliate that we were able to
scrape together the resources to keep the operation running. Are you
really suggesting that our current state is worse than that point in

I'm sure you also recall that it was Beatriz inello who had the
courage to make the hard decisions (i.e., staff cuts) to keep the USCF
afloat. I seem to recall that you were very critical of that decision.

Yes. Things are much worse now than they were in August, 2003.

Even though we were in danger of not making payroll and we could not
pay the prizes in the US Open Championship just completed, we still
had reserves. We owned a building free and clear and there was still
some money left in the LMA.

Also, the "good graces" of Bill Goichberg consisted of buying and
paying for ad space in Chess Life in advance. This was certainly
helpful but also a good deal for Goichberg.

Now we have nothing, nada, zilch. No fallback to fall back on. Not
only do we not own a building free and clear but we owe on a mortgage.
The building in Crossville is worth less than the mortgage we have to
pay on it. If we were to sell the building we would still owe money.
We would be better off getting a buyer to take the building free of
charge provided that he takes the mortgage too. It is not likely that
we could get a deal like that from a qualified buyer, however.

What is truly astounding is that you are Chairman of the Finance
Committee but you have been completely inactive. We often hear from
Mike Carr and the other financial guys but never from Randy Bauer. You
just post your politically motivated statements to the USCF forum but
the financial committees and the financial people never hear from you.

Sam Sloan