Date: 14 Jan 2009 15:45:58
From: samsloan
Subject: Goichberg and the Seven Lawsuit
[quote="hmb"][quote="samsloan"]...the USCF is in such terrible
difficulties now, with huge financial losses and seven major lawsuits
going, all seven of which can be traced back to misstatements or
misconduct or falsifications by Mr. Goichberg.

Sam Sloan[/quote]
<sigh >

As far as I can tell, none of the lawsuits involving the behavior of
Ms. Polgar and/or Mr. Truong has its source in any "misstatements or
misconduct or falsifications by Mr. Goichberg".[/quote]

In August 2006, more than one year before the Mottershead Report, I
knew, Bill Goichberg also knew and Joel Channing also knew that Paul
Truong was the "Fake Sam Sloan". It was obvious from the posting
patterns involving hundreds of posts per day.

At my first meeting of the board, on August 14, 2006, I demand that
the website staff investigate and determine the identity of the Fake
Sam Sloan simply by comparing the IP Address with Paul Truong when he
posted to the USCF Issues Forum to the IP Address of the Fake Sam
Sloan when he posted to

Back then, Truong was making no effort to hide his IP address. This
was before he started using anonymous remailers.

It would have been a five minute job for any systems administrator to
make the comparison and see that Truong was making all Fake Sam Sloan

Instead, I was ridiculed. Board Member Randy Hough received the Chess
Journalists of America award as "Best Humorous Article for 2006-07"
for writing:

"Yet I kept thinking of the one Board member who, after wasting an
inordinate amount of our time on certain retired players and asking us
to use USCF money to track down someone who was impersonating him on
the Internet,"

The "certain retired players" that he found so funny were Bobby
Fischer and Raymond Weinstein.

In fact, it would have taken no money to establish that Truong was the
Fake Sam Sloan. All it would have taken at that time was a look at the
IP logs.

The reason that it was not done is obvious. Goichberg and Channing
found it useful and to their advantage to have someone impersonating
me, so as to discredit me to blunt my criticisms of their management
style. In fact, there is reason to believe that Channing actually paid
money to Truong and Polgar as a reward for doing this.

Kindly recall that when the Mottershead Report came out in October
2007, Bill Goichberg did not seem shocked or surprised. To the
contrary, he kept defending and supporting Polgar and Truong. It was
when the attorney, Proskauer Rose, announced in February 2008 that
they can no longer defend Polgar and Truong that Goichberg switched
sides and started going against them. Several persons who spoke to
Goichberg during the intervening period have quoted Goichberg as
saying that the reason he had to keep defending Polgar and Truong was
that otherwise it would bring Sam Sloan back on the board, and that
would be terrible.

Another example of falsifications by Mr. Goichberg is that when
Goichberg announced his so-called "New Plan" to stop sending Chess
Life magazine to the regular members, Hanon Russell notified the board
that if they went went through with that plan, he would file suit.

At the USCF Delegate's meeting in Dallas I tried to point this out,
saying that the attorney's fees alone required to defend this lawsuit
would eat up any supposed savings from not mailing Chess Life to the

Goichberg cut me off, saying "we are not concerned about this" and not
allowing me to address the issue, saying that my three minutes was up.

Goichberg also refused to answer the question when I asked it of how
much money he felt that Hanon Russell owed the USCF.

Now you can see what has happened. Goichberg went through with his new
plan and Hanon Russell sued, just as he said he would. No responsible
corporate executive would provoke a lawsuit as Bill Goichberg did.

So, as you can see, all seven lawsuits are the result of action or
inaction by Bill Goichberg, including the six Fake Sam Sloan lawsuits
and the one Chess Cafe, Hanon Russell lawsuit.

I think that Bill Goichberg should recognize the fact that he has been
a failure as a USCF President. He is not cut out for this and it is
time to handover the reigns to somebody else. His efforts to try to
get another four years at the helm are inappropriate. He should go
back to directing big money chess tournaments, which he is quite good

Sam Sloan

Date: 15 Jan 2009 08:02:58
From: samsloan
Subject: Re: Goichberg and the Seven Lawsuit
[quote="Harry Payne"]Just the Homophobic, racist, and sexist comments,
could bring legal action by certain groups toward the USCF, if it is
thought or perceived that a National NFP organization has knowledge
one of their Executive Board Members is responsible, and though
failure to censure in someway condones it. That would or could be a
major problem for the USCF. Groups associated with those causes use
a public platform to expound their believed or actual abuse all the
time. The National Governing body of Chess in the USA, would make a
wonderful headline and get that very Platform. Anyone not thinking
that is true, is not thinking clearly. It happens all the time. Some
major sports announcers, players, and even some in the entertainment
field have unfortunately found this to be a fact. Just my take on it.[/

Thank you very much. One of my points exactly.

As soon as I took office in August 2006, the board should have
launched an investigation into who was making these "Fake Sam Sloan"
posts for the very reason that you state above, that they bring the
federation into disrepute and subject it to possible lawsuits, since
the postings appeared to be from me, a member of the board.

Instead, not only did the control group who controlled the USCF make
no effort to find out who was doing the Fake Sam Sloan posts, but they
actually ridiculed me for requesting that this be investigated.

Then, after Truong was elected to the board and even after the
Mottershead Report came out that proved that Truong did it, they
continued to support Truong and he kept his fake VP Title for a number
of months more.

It was only after the USCF's attorney told them that he could no
longer represent Truong that they started taking his titles away.

Sam Sloan

Date: 15 Jan 2009 02:22:43
From: foad
Subject: Re: Goichberg and the Seven Lawsuit

"samsloan" <[email protected] > wrote in message
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> Instead, I was ridiculed.

In related news, a bear shit in the woods.