Date: 14 Feb 2009 19:38:51
From: samsloan
Subject: I Demand that Allen Priest be Removed as Chairman of the Forum
Only a few days ago, Bill Goichberg and Bill Hall made Allen Priest
Chairman of the "Forum Oversight Committee". Mr. Priest is notoriously
biased against me and the fact that he was appointed to this sensitive
position during the election campaign period demonstrates that Bill
Goichberg, who he running for re-election, intends to use his ultimate
control over over Forum Moderation as a weapon against his election

This is typical of what Bill Goichberg did during the last election
campaign, appointing moderators such as Herbert Rodney Vaughn, Gregory
Alexander, Steve of Tennessee and several other extremely opinionated
opponents of my election, as moderators and FOC Members.

Mr. Allen Priest is rated 654 by the USCF and that is not a typo.

One of the rules of the USCF Issues Forum is that members are not
supposed to make "disparaging remarks" about others in the forum or in
the chess community. Mr. Allen Priest, as Chairman of the FOC, must
follow the same rules that he is supposed to oversee. Now, only a few
days after taking office as Chairman, Mr. Priest has made a barrage of
disparaging remarks about me.

When dealing with equals it is one thing, but Mr. Allen Priest holds
in his hands as Chairman the authority to ban me from posting for one
year. In view of his disparaging remarks today, I demand that he be
removed as Chairman of the FOC.

Here is the exchange between us that has taken place just over the
last few minutes:

by Allen on Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:25 pm #127966
Did Mr. Sloan get his facts wrong - again?

Allen wrote:Did Mr. Sloan get his facts wrong - again?

I request that Allen Priest, Chairman of the FOC, be sanctioned for
that "disparaging remark".

Sam Sloan

[quote="Allen"]I was simply asking a question Mr. Sloan.

I believe it has been demonstrated on these forums in the past that
you indeed not gotten your facts straight in other posts. Therefore,
the question - has this happened again?

Allen [/quote]

I think that it has been demonstrated on these forums that Mr. Allen
Priest is an extremely biased person and is an extraordinarily
inappropriate person to be the Chairman of the Forum Oversight

Sam Sloan

Date: 15 Feb 2009 22:36:43
From: samsloan
Subject: Re: I Demand that Allen Priest be Removed as Chairman of the Forum
[quote="tsawmiller"]He has been asked to respond.[/quote]

I believe that Sam Sloan also needs to either present evidence to
support his accusation that I recruited Susan Polgar to become a
candidate for the board, or retract this charge. I consider the
accusation to be totally unfounded and have made two posts requesting
a retraction, both of which have apparently been ignored.

Bill Goichberg[/quote]

I believe he already did retract that accusation, after my insistence
that he respond to your challenge. Tim Sawmiller [/quote]

Were the false accusations removed from the forum? That is the crux
of the matter. The allegations, even if retracted, in many cases
remain and the perpetrator continues unmolested by forum governance.
This must stop. This molestation of members' reputations have been
allowed to continue on the official forum of the USCF. This must
stop. [u]The poster in question has established a record years' in
length of posting false and defamatory allegations against USCF
governance and regular members. It is the responsibility of the USCF
to effect the cessation of that poster's ability to do these things on
the USCF's official forum.[/u]

Ron, thank you for your previous explanation of the last day's events
and the action taken to prevent further libelous posts.

Steve Owens [/quote]

The moderators are demanding that I respond to the above allegations
and have suspended me from posting until I respond. The allegations
are ridiculous. It is an absolute fact that you have attacked me
hundreds of times going all the way back to 2002 (and not just over a
period of two years). Anybody can go back and look at
under your various names "Steve of Alabama", "Steve of Tennessee" and
see them. You quit and rejoined my group several different times under
different names.

I do not know why the moderators are insisting on a fight over this,
as I was willing to let this pass.

Your posting above is the latest example of your many attacks on me.
Are you denying that the above is an attack? If you are denying that
this is an attack, then we have vastly different views of what an
attack is.

More importantly, it is you, not me, who has violated the AUG, because
you are claiming that I wrote something that I never wrote. Everybody
should go take a look at what you write that I wrote and what I
actually wrote.

Here is what you wrote, "Sloan states, or implies (and has stated
unequivocally in this forum and elsewhere), that I and others were
appointed primarily to silence Sloan."

I never wrote that. In addition, you have no direct knowledge of why
you were appointed and I do have direct knowledge. I was on the board
that appointed you and I voted in favor of your appointment. You were
appointed to the Forum Oversight Committee by a vote of the USCF
Executive Board on April 18, 2007, as part of a deal as proposed by
either Bill Goichberg or Randy Hough. The deal was to appoint one pro-
Sloan person, one anti-Sloan person and one in the middle. You were
the anti-Sloan person. Gregory Alexander was the one supposedly in the
middle but, as we now know, he was hardly neutral. Again, this was not
my idea or my phraseology. Perhaps you have forgotten that I was the
person who first informed you by email that you had been appointed.

In the quote above you write, "Sloan states, or implies". When is a
complaining party allowed to complain about what somebody "implies"?
Either I did state it, or I did not state it. There is no middle

Since I did not state it, Steve's statement above is demonstrably
false and I am demanding that he be sanctioned.

Now, about Bill Goichberg's statement further above, it is an absolute
fact that Bill Goichberg was a backer and supporter from the beginning
of the candidacy of Susan Polgar. Bill Goichberg was the strongest
supporter Susan Polgar had (not counting Paul Truong of course). It
was only around April or May, 2007, late in the campaign, that Susan
started attacking Bill Goichberg on her Blog, with the result that
Bill Goichberg sent a postcard to 17,000 USCF members attacking me put
also making critical remarks about Susan Polgar and Paul Truong. By
that time, late in the campaign, most voters had made up their minds
and the mildly negative views that Bill Goichberg expressed on that
postcard were too late to change the election result.

I have apologized and withdrawn the statement that Bill Goichberg
"recruited" Polgar to run because I have no direct evidence that he
did, but I will not withdraw the statement that Goichberg supported
Polgar from the first day that her candidacy because it is a fact that
he did. Does Bill deny it? It is also a fact that Bill Goichberg
strongly opposed my candidacy in that election and also in this
election whereas up until the current election I have supported Bill
Goichberg in every one of the many times that he ran. It is also a
fact that Bill habitually recruits candidates to run on his line and
at least one of the current candidates was recruited by him, so in
view of that and the immediate support that Polgar received from Bill
Goichberg as soon as she announced her candidacy it was a reasonable
supposition that he had recruited her too.

Now, I was sound asleep and was woken out of bed to type this (it is
past midnight) and I need to go back to sleep. I am hereby demanding
that both Steve Owens and Bill Goichberg be sanctioned for violations
of the AUG above. Just because Bill Goichberg is USCF President, that
should not exempt him from being sanctioned just as everybody else is.
Why should he have special privileges?

Please note that before Steve Owens and Bill Goichberg started
attacking me above, the moderator wrote, "The moderators have reviewed
this thread and find no violations of the AUG." So, even after the
moderators informed both Bill Goichberg and Steve Owens that there was
no violation of the AUG, they objected and insisted that there was a
violation of the AUG, with Bill Goichberg using his position as
President to make this false claim forcefully.

Therefore, both Steve Owens and Bill Goichberg must be sanctioned
under the rules for making "disparaging remarks" and false statements
without "substantial proof".

Sam Sloan

Date: 15 Feb 2009 05:12:36
From: samsloan
Subject: Re: I Demand that Allen Priest be Removed as Chairman of the Forum
[quote="Allen"]I can't quite see how you jump to that conclusion Mr.
Sloan when all I am doing is asking a question based on an earlier
post in the thread.

Allen [/quote]

At that point in this thread, only two people had posted, myself and
Bill Goichberg. Your "question" was "Did Mr. Sloan get his facts wrong
- again?". This is like asking "Have you stopped beating your wife".
It implies that in the past Bill Goichberg has told the truth and I
have not and you are asking whether this has happened again. You
further stated:

"I believe it has been demonstrated on these forums in the past that
you indeed not gotten your facts straight in other posts. Therefore,
the question - has this happened again?"

No such thing has been demonstrated. What has been demonstrated is
that Bill Goichberg and myself have decidedly different views of what
the facts are. I am further stating that if the five letters that Bill
Goichberg wrote Matsler in July and August 2006 were made available to
the members, then everybody would see that my statements were true and
Bill's were "disingenuous".

Your statement above clearly implies that it had been established that
I am a liar. Such a statement is prohibited by the rules of this
forum. Were it not for the fact that you are the Chairman of the
"Forum Oversight Committee" you would already have been sanctioned and
bounced off this group for making that statement.

Sam Sloan