Date: 02 Feb 2008 00:00:43
From: Sanny
Subject: Winners of Jan 2008 at GetClub Chess.
After a strong fight this month. Help Bot Managed to win Jan
Tournament at GetClub.

Played at:

Here are the Top 6 players who won.

Jan 2008 Result

1st. help bot : Points Awarded 24.8
2nd. beginner : Points Awarded 20.4
3rd. ---------Myself using Computer.
4th. jordan : Points Awarded 6.4
5th. peter : Points Awarded 5.4
6th. Mr_Phil : Points Awarded 4.3

This Time Beginner came to 2nd Position as Beginner Level was able to
beat many players. I came to 3rd position because I used computer to
play against getclub Chess.

All time Top Players at GetClub are

1) Zebediah Won: 188, Lost: 2 Rating: 1460
2) nomorechess Won: 142, Lost: 2 Rating: 1411
3) help bot Won: 228, Lost: 14 Rating: 1335
4) Taylor Kingston Won: 50, Lost: 0 Rating: 1315
5) chrisf Won: 85, Lost: 0 Rating: 1288
6) Bonsai Won: 57, Lost: 2 Rating: 1213

Now it is very difficult to win even the Beginner Level, So it is very
difficult to get higher ratings.


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Date: 03 Feb 2008 01:52:07
From: Sanny
Subject: GetClub Easy Vs Jester 40sec/ Move.
I Played a game between GetClub Easy Level which takes 20-40 sec /
move and Jester which always takes 40 seconds/ move.

I played both with Higher level So that there is less calculation
mistake and we can see what real mistake GetClub Chess is making.

Please Analyze and let me know which were the wrong moves that must be
avoided by Black. As Black lost the game in just 56 moves despite
playing with Easy level which is one step ahead of Beginner Level.

Since Both took atleast 40 seconds per move a strong analysis will be
needed to find the mistakes in the game.

Game Played between Jester and easy at

Jester: (White)
easy: (Black)
Game Played at:
View Recorded Game:

White -- Black
(Jester) -- (easy)

1. e2-e4{16} e7-e5{0}
2. Ng1-f3{6} Nb8-c6{0}
3. Bf1-b5{6} a7-a6{0}
4. Bb5-c6{6} d7-c6{82}
5. Ke1-g1{8} Ng8-f6{30}
6. d2-d3{48} Qd8-d6{22}
7. Nb1-c3{46} Bc8-g4{62}
8. h2-h3{50} Bg4-h5{82}
9. Bc1-g5{52} Ke8-c8{82}
10. g2-g4{48} Bh5-g6{42}
11. Nf3-h4{46} Kc8-b8{38}
12. Qd1-c1{48} Bf8-e7{82}
13. Nc3-e2{74} b7-b5{84}
14. a2-a4{50} h7-h6{20}
15. Nh4-g6{260} f7-g6{28}
16. Bg5-e3{50} b5-b4{50}
17. b2-b3{50} c6-c5{48}
18. Qc1-b2{44} Nf6-h7{22}
19. Kg1-h2{46} Be7-h4{72}
20. f2-f4{50} Bh4-f6{20}
21. Qb2-b1{46} e5-f4{42}
22. Be3-f4{48} Qd6-e6{22}
23. Ra1-a2{46} Bf6-e5{24}
24. Qb1-e1{50} Rh8-f8{20}
25. Bf4-e5{46} Qe6-e5{28}
26. Qe1-g3{44} Qe5-g3{68}
27. Ne2-g3{46} Rf8-f1{20}
28. Ng3-f1{60} Nh7-g5{28}
29. Kh2-g3{48} c5-c4{52}
30. b3-c4{50} Rd8-f8{26}
31. Nf1-d2{46} Kb8-a8{82}
32. Ra2-b2{44} c7-c5{72}
33. a4-a5{88} Rf8-f6{62}
34. Rb2-b1{64} h6-h5{50}
35. Rb1-b3{48} Ng5-e6{44}
36. e4-e5{48} Rf6-f8{22}
37. Nd2-e4{78} h5-g4{24}
38. h3-g4{50} Rf8-d8{26}
39. Ne4-d6{50} Ne6-d4{58}
40. Rb3-b2{96} g6-g5{28}
41. Nd6-e4{50} Nd4-e6{82}
42. Rb2-b1{46} Ka8-b7{24}
43. Ne4-d6{48} Kb7-a7{48}
44. Rb1-f1{48} Rd8-h8{52}
45. Rf1-f7{46} Ka7-a8{82}
46. Rf7-e7{50} Rh8-h6{22}
47. Nd6-e4{48} Ka8-b8{20}
48. Ne4-f6{48} Ne6-d4{26}
49. Nf6-d7{46} Kb8-a8{34}
50. Nd7-c5{44} Nd4-c2{32}
51. Re7-e8{44} Ka8-a7{20}
52. e5-e6{44} g7-g6{56}
53. e6-e7{46} Rh6-h7{40}
54. Re8-a8{44} Ka7-a8{36}
55. Qe7-e8{Q}{20} Ka8-a7{78}
56. Qe8-g6{18} Rh7-d7{52}
Jester: (White)
easy: (Black)
Game Played at:
View Recorded Game:

In the End game GetClub played weak moves and lost. It was equal game
in middle game. What are the serious wrong moves played by GetClub
Easy Level.


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Date: 02 Feb 2008 08:55:43
From: Sanny
Subject: Re: Winners of Jan 2008 at GetClub Chess.
> > 8. f2-f4{22} e5-f4{18}
> What a difference a move makes! Too late! Now f4? is losing. Whites
> king will rapidly be denuded of pawn shelter.

When King has not chastled which are the pawns which should not be
moved ahead?

We prefer d4/e4 when the king is sitting just behind them. Then why we
do not like move f4/g4. Why do they weaken the King while d4/e4 do
not? Same thing is happening in both cases that is the pawns infront
of king are moved?

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> Does the program have a killer move heuristic? These sorts of position
> where the opponent has a consistent and powerful threat (Rhg8) that
> refutes most of whites possible moves are amenable to faster
> searching.

I do not understand what you mean by "killer move heuristic?"

> > 18. a2-a3
> You might have hoped the program would find one of Rc1 or e4 which
> delay the inevitable.

The program saw a benefit of Bishop if Rxc2 after playing a2-a3. It
was only after lots of moves it was having a checkmate after 12 moves.

> But I would say Begginner is playing now as well as it ever has.

I am only posting Games where it is loosing you can visit GetClub and
see other games where Beginner has played very well.


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From: Martin Brown
Subject: Re: Winners of Jan 2008 at GetClub Chess.

Date: 02 Feb 2008 00:06:12
From: Sanny
Subject: Re: Winners of Jan 2008 at GetClub Chess.
> Now it is very difficult to win even the Beginner Level, So it is very
> difficult to get higher ratings.

A typical game played by Peter with Beginner Level which he won in
just 22 moves.

Game Played between peter and beginner at

peter: (Black)
beginner: (White)
Game Played at:
View Recorded Game:

White -- Black
(beginner) -- (peter)

1. b2-b3{0} d7-d5{12}
2. Bc1-b2{0} Bc8-g4{6}
3. g2-g3{0} Nb8-d7{6}
4. Bf1-h3{12} Bg4-h3{16}
5. Ng1-h3{12} Ng8-f6{4}
6. Bb2-f6{6} Nd7-f6{16}
7. Nh3-g5{12} e7-e5{14}
8. f2-f4{22} e5-f4{18}
9. g3-f4{14} Nf6-e4{10}
10. Ng5-e4{12} d5-e4{12}
11. e2-e3{6} Qd8-h4{8}
12. Ke1-f1{12} Ke8-c8{34}
13. Nb1-c3{22} g7-g5{18}
14. f4-g5{20} Bf8-b4{14}
15. Qd1-e1{22} Qh4-g5{16}
16. Nc3-e4{22} Qg5-f5{18}
17. Ne4-f2{20} Rd8-d2{6}
18. a2-a3{22} Rd2-c2{16}
19. a3-b4{14} Qf5-b5{18}
20. Kf1-g1{20} Rh8-g8{6}
21. Nf2-g4{6} Rg8-g4{6}
22. Qe1-g3{18}
peter: (Black)
beginner: (White)
Game Played at:
View Recorded Game:


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